Musician & Director for TV

Name: Lance Joseph Conway.
Born: 24 Dec 1974 Baghdad.
*Master's degree of audiovisual fine-arts TV/Baghdad University.
*Bachelor's degree of Radio & TV fine-arts/ Collage of fine-arts/ Baghdad University.
*Diploma of Music from Music & ballet school in Baghdad/ European Music department.
*Memeber at INSO since 1990.
*Teacher at music & ballet school since 1990.
*TV mixer man at ( ASHABAB TV ) 1995.
*TV director and mixer man at IRAQ TV 1995-1998.
*Lecturer at Baghdad Fine-Arts institute in Audio-visual department 1996-1997.
*Lecturer at Collage of Fine-Arts, Baghdad University in Music department 2000-2001.
*Maestro of Sayat Nova Choral 2000-2003.
*Head of Arabian music department in Music & Ballet school 2001-2002.
*Head of European music department in Music & Ballet school 2002-2003.
*Voices trainer of ArRafidain Choir , minstry of culture 2001-2003.
*Trainer of Churches' Chorals: Saint Joseph for Syrian Catholic 2003,Lady of flowers for Armenian-Catholic 2005 and Saint George for Assyrian-East in Erbil 2007.
*Directore of TV programs in Ishtar sattelite channel 2005-2006.
*Lecturer at Erbil Fine-Arts institute in Music department 2006-2007.
*Lecturer at Saint Peter Seminary for Chaldean Patriarchate 2012-2015
Now is:
Teacher at Collage of Fine-Arts/ Salahaddin University in Erbil

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